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Software Solutions

Many of our clients utilize software solutions to manage their transaction data.  Some of these solutions, are complex, industry specialized and include various "bells and whistles", whilst others are simple, and are focussed on achieving common core tasks, such as providing the details for a GST return. 

Many of our clients use the Banklink service.  With the online version of Banklink, you can see your traditional bank statement transactions on your computer screen, and can insert an accounting code, and even add comments if you wish.  The software can generate a range of cash flow reports as well as your GST return.  And the data can be electronically imported into our system, eliminating a manual process at year end.  There are over 250,000 small businesses throughout New Zealand and Australia using Banklink.  Even simple software tends to provide value and save time.

If it's a payroll you need, then we suggest you check out Ace Payroll first.  We've found it simple to use and great value for money.  However, if your needs are more complex, then consider IMS Payroll or MYOB.  Or out-source it to a bureau such as SmartPayroll.

Xero is online software and has been a popular choice in recent years.  It provides similar functionality to Banklink and then has additional options.  The software handles both customer and supplier invoicing, and integrates with other software to provide inventory and payroll modules, amongst others.

MYOB provides a range of software options, from the simple cashbook to the full-blown suite that may suit the needs of larger businesses. 

We can list some more options: Accredo; Easybooks; ReckonAccounts; Attache; .....  And then there are industry specific solutions....  There is a lot of information on the internet, and there are likely to be other software users that you can talk to.  We recommend you research your options before making your selection.  And invest some time, and money if need be, to ensure that you are using the software properly and performing the necessary checks and reconciliations, so that it achieves your aims (eg, improve efficiency and accuracy, provide reliable cash and profit reporting). 

We have assisted clients in a range of software implementations.  It's important to get it right.