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Quiz Answers

  1. Danyon Loader won two swimming golds in Atlanta 1996 – in what swimming style?  FREESTLYE - 200M & 400M.  HE HAD PREVIOUSLY WON A SILVER IN THE 200M BUTTERFLY AT BARCELONA IN 1992 
  2. NZ won a bronze medal in tennis – name the player. ANTHONY WILDING - 1912. HE WAS ALSO A MULTIPLE WINNER AT WIMBLEDON ,
  3. When John Walker won in Montreal, which major rival wasn’t there? FILBERT BAYI OF TANZANIA, AND OTHER AFRICANS, BECAUSE OF THE ALL BLACKS TOUR OF SOUTH AFRICA
  4. What does the Olympic motto ‘Citius, Altius, Fortius’ mean?   SWIFTER (or FASTER), HIGHER, STRONGER
  5. NZ have won more individual medals in the Equestrian Individual Mixed Eventing than in the Mens 1500m.  True or False?  FALSE THEY ARE EQUAL WITH A TOTAL OF 6.  For the record ; LOVELOCK, SNELL, DAVIES, DIXON, WALKER AND WILLIS in 2008 versus TODD, TODD, TAIT, TAIT, CLARK, and TODD again in Sydney 2000.
  6. Which Kiwi girl has won three Olympic medals? BARBARA KENDALL HAS A GOLD, SILVER AND A BRONZE! 
  7. NZ were represented in only two sports in Moscow 1980 – modern pentathlon and what else?  CANOEING - IAN FERGUSSON, ALAN THOMPSON & GEOFF WALKER
  8. What was the real name of the Kiwi bronze medallist who was called ‘Tom Watson’ in the movie Chariots of fire?  Clue – he later became governor general.  LORD ARTHUR PORRITT
  9. Athletics, Equestrian, Canoeing, Rowing, Sailing: one of these categories rates as our “winningest” prior to these games – for most gold medals, and also most overall medals. Which category?  ATHLETICS, AHEAD OF SAILING AND ROWING BY THREE.  After London, ATHLETICS STILL LEADS THE GOLDS FROM ROWING BY ONE WITH 10 GOLD including Valerie, but ROWING IS NOW EQUAL WITH 21 TOTAL MEDALS.  SAILING IS ON 18.
  10. Again, prior to 2012, NZ has won more medals in or on the water than on dry land – True or False? TRUE 49 OUT OF 94 as at 8 August 2012, now 55 from 102, or 103 if you include the winter Olympics silver.
  11. When did NZ last not win a gold medal at the Summer Olympics, apart from Moscow when most of our athletes boycotted the event? LONDON 1948 - THANKFULLY THE TEAM LAID THAT OMEN TO REST