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The Bay of Plenty was well named.  Our region is long-established as an exporter of foodstuffs.  Initially the region's landowners focussed on New Zealand's traditional areas of sheep, beef and dairy, but in more recent times the Bay of Plenty has become the heartland of the national kiwifruit crop, with over 75% of the national crop being harvested between Opotiki and Waihi.  But following a period of sustained growth, investment and profitability, particularly for those growing the Gold varietal, since November 2010 the industry has been under threat by the Psa-V virus, which is a bacteria which can cause the death of kiwifruit vines.  As of 1 May 2014, 2485 orchards, mostly in the Bay of Plenty, and including many which have converted from Gold to one of the new varieties, have been confirmed infected by Psa-V.  That represents 76% of all NZ kiwifruit orchards. 81% of those orchards' hectares presented with infection, and reflects the magnitude of the problem.

Many growers continue to face difficult commercial decisions.  Some financial assistance has been available through the IRD via the income equalisation scheme.  There are also options relating to the costs to remove vines and replanting or re-grafting, and to write down the value of any unamortised licenses.

Avocados have also attracted much investment, with the national orchard increasing in size from 1248 ha to 4420 ha in the 10 years to 2010, The Bay of Plenty hosts over 60% of that planting.  Of  the 3.1 million trays exported in the 2013-14 season, over 81% was produced in the Bay of Plenty.

We have considerable experience with orchard clients, and the issues they face.  This knowledge helps us to help you.